Top Competitions

Competition season lasts from November to May!

Gyms with the most World Champion and Summit Champion titles:

cheer athletics
Cheer Athletics
top gun allstars
Top Gun
the california allstars
California Allstars

Top Competitions in the United States

NCA Nationals in Dallas Texas: In 2023, 1,445 teams competed with over 50,000 spectators!

CheerSport Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia: In 2023, 1,238 teams competed with over 30,000 spectators!

Jamfest Supernationals in Indianapolis, Indiana: in 2023, there were over 1,000 teams.

These 3 competions are the national events. If you win all three you get titled as the triple crown winner!

These Competitions host all levels!

End of Season Events

The Summit is for all divisons, levels 1-5! You go against every team in the country that is in your same level and divison.

The Cheerleading Worlds is for all senior age teams, but only level 6. You go against every team in the world, thats in your divison.

These are the last competitions teams comete at for their season. The process then starts all over again!