The Levels

There are 6 levels in cheerleading

Level 1: Preps, front walkovers, back walkovers, and simple pyramids.

Level 2: Ticking stunts at prep level, extended pyramid, backhandsprings, and combonation passes.

Level 3: Spinning stunts, extended stunts, ticking pyramid, and tumbling to tucks.

Level 4: Extended spinning stunts, inversions, ticking to extended, double braced pyramid flips.

Level 5: Extended ticking and spinning skills, extended release skills, back fulls, arabians.

Level 6: Double ups at any level, extended inverted stunts, flipping single braced pyramids, double fulls, and specialty passes.

Levels 1-5 go to the summit while level 6 goes to the cheerleading worlds!

To learn more on rules and regulations, visit the USASF rules page!


Cheerleading Summit
the summit
Cheerleading Worlds competition